Just finished the important task of synching the upcoming book in the Big Bend Mysteries series The South Rim Trail with the first book in the series The Window Trail. I made dozens of small changes in the latest manuscript to be certain the community introduced in the first book jibes with the one in the second. For example, one character had changed eye color (fixed).

I also revisited sites in Big Bend country to be sure my memories of them were accurate and my geography was at least plausible. (Writers do sometimes stretch the truth.) It gave me an excuse to check out Santa Elena Canyon and the Old Maverick Road in BBNP. I stopped at Many Stones in Study Butte, but it was closed. Terlingua was hopping.

What's coming in Book 3 The Lost Mine Trail? A little more crime, a little less humor. And interesting developments in the Claire/Clayton relationship.

Book 4 will be riotous, as a movie company settles into Alpine for a few lively weeks. Some characters introduced in Book 2 return, while Claire and Clayton . . . you'll just have to wait. No title yet.